Costa Rica Through the Artist's Eye
Experience and Photograph the Beauty and Nature of Costa Rica       

This trip provides you with opportunities to explore and experience first hand the natural beauty of Costa Rica while learning how to better photograph the dramatic landscapes, the flora and fauna, the birds, and to the people of this beautiful country.  In addition, you will have opportunities to meet Costa Rican artists/photographers.

On our 9 day trip, we will be visiting the Volcano mountainous area of Arenal, the Cloud and Rain Forest areas of the Sarapiqui River Basin,  and the beach areas of the Caribbean Coast.   Although Costa Rica makes up only .03% of all existing vegetation and animal species including over 1,200 orchid species, 1500 species of butterflies, 850 species of birds, including toucans and parakeets, the quetzal, and the scarlet macaws — some of the most beautiful birds in the world.  

Robyn Wishna, professional photographer, photojournalist, teacher, and consultant will be at your side to assist you with your image making. She will give hands-on instruction and lead discussions to help you polish your skills and expand your vision.  You will also learn more about your equipment, composition, lighting, exposure, work flow and how to make compelling story-telling images.  Robyn will also teach you about options for sharing your work on the internet and crating photo books.  This trip is for all levels of experience.

Price: for the 11 day trip including in country transportation, all lodging in double room,  all meals, entrances and activity fees.

Group of 10 participants —$2095 

Group of 7 participants   —$2295 

Group of 5 participants  — $2495

Single Supplement is $450                                                                                             

Not included: Airfare to and from Costa Rica  and Airport Exit Tax                             

For friends and family members not participating in photography activities (they can count to make up the group size)    

Adult member — will range between $1995 - $2395 depending upon group size. Children under 12 — $995 -  Children need to be sharing a room with two adults.         

In addition, your travel companions can study Spanish (additional fees) or just hang out at the beach, rain forest, national park or reserve.                                                        

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